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Iran Investment Today Seminar 2015 / 2016     20.November Hamburg (Germany)

Five stars Hotel

as a part of International public gatherings of Isfahan located in a plot with 600000/ m2of land on east of Isfahan that is under construction.


Complex VeA Town

The recreational, trading, cultural and sportive complex is in the proximity of its center and is forecasted to be with a built area
of 125000 m2.


The four star Hotel

of «Dreams Land»

is a part of project concerned with city of Dreams Land in an area around 170000/ m2an the east of Isfahan which is underconstruction.


Until now, UNESCO has designated 15 of Iran's various historical and natural sites as part of world heritage; includes:
especially for those interested in religious history it is estimated that there are more than 28 messengers of God have tombs throughout Iran.
Some of top sites are as below:
• Persepolis, the complex of Xerox palaces having the detail of 2,500 year-Old Persian reliefs.
• The ancient Mesopotamian ziggurat and complex of Chogha Zanbil is an intriguing remnant from the Elamite Empire more than 3,500 years ago which stand as a testament to the feats of ancient engineering.
• Soltaniyeh Dome, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2005, is an  architectural masterpiece that was built  in 1302 AD. As the  oldest  double-shell dome  in  the  country, the structure paved  the  way   for  construction of holy  buildings throughout  the  Muslim  world and  has  captivated the  attention of both  pilgrims
and historians for centuries.

Project Detail:

The mentioned five star hotel functions as a part of International public gatherings of Isfahan located in a plot with 600000/ m2of land on south
east of Isfahan that is under construction. The most important part of this site is the mentioned part with a total built area of 39600 m2
Among other services of this complex that could be mentioned are: shopping centers, and residential villas. Regarding the mentioned hall
function and its international range, efforts to materialize its five star hotel is necessary. This hotel by having ten stories of height and about
65000 m2of area and a capacity of 250 rooms is counted as one of the large projects of Isfahan province in Tourism. Design of this project also
was performed by the Atkins Co. and from this point of view is one of the most beautiful projects of the province.
At the present all the detail plans for execution are prepared and its building has been started up to foundation.


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